Hey everybody!

Welcome to our Game Night blog—it actually means a lot to me that you're here, taking the time to read this post. The past few months I've spent with my friends building Game Night has been exciting and overwhelming in a lot of good ways.

What started Game Night was a common vision of ours to showcase board game events and connect groups and gamers around the world.  As a gamer in Toronto, I'm thankful for a lot of the great communities and board game cafes that we have here, but I've found that when going to other cities, even other major Canadian cities like Vancouver, the experience has been...limiting. Not that there's any lack of communities in other places, it's just hard to know who to connect to and know what to expect. Not to mention, the board game hobby itself is still very small, and absolutely has the potential to grow much larger than it is. And I'd love to see it reach that potential.

Photo of one of our Game Nights in Toronto

As someone going to a game group for the first time, I kind of want to know what to expect and know what I'm going to be playing there. Like, if someone has the new Uwe Rosenberg game that I can learn or if there's a game of Avalon with a lot of great, experienced players. My experience with general group platforms like Meetup is that you just don't know what you're going to find. Is it a game group or a casual meetup at a pub with a strong focus on just the drinks?

What I, myself, as a user am looking for is to connect and find other board game groups without limitation. With Game Night (and there's still a very long way to go), I'm happy to say that we've started with a great foundation to take me closer to a vision that can unite people around the world around an amazing hobby. So far, here are our current features on our platform:

You can:

  • keep track of events and even schedule your own events
  • sign in and create an account easily with an existing Facebook login with no hassle
  • create a unique gamer tag so you can find unique users such as "John Smith" from Manitoba, and NOT the one from New York, and so others can find you easily
  • create multiple groups
  • add and schedule events through a calendar, to keep track of all your events
  • search, find, and follow other board game groups
  • join and RSVP to public events in real-time
  • vote and request what games to bring to events and vote on what games you want to play in real-time
  • invite members to your group or event
  • get notifications so you can stay on top of upcoming events, cancellations, or changes to groups you follow or events you RSVP'ed to

Now here's the fun part. Here's the list of things we plan for the very near future:

  • Private Groups - only invite the people you want to join, keep it small, create private events between your weekly group etc
  • Google login
  • Polls -  Create custom polls to vote on locations, days or anything you want your group members to vote on
  • Comments - comment section on events and groups
  • Collections - import board game collections

2019 will be super exciting for us all when we can really delve into adding features that will help you create a catered group and event that suits you and your community. And if there's any feedback or questions, you can always reach us at admin@lemonpeach.com!

Thanks for reading!