The board gaming hobby grows with every passing year and sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the great new game releases. I've always personally found that one of the best ways to know which games are worth checking out is by following a ton of great Instagram accounts that showcase not only what games they've been playing but also perfectly capture its fun and essence in a photo!

I've asked a few of my absolute favourite Instagram accounts that I admire for their content creation, creativity, and photos, on what their favourite games of 2018 were and this is what they've picked!

My Little Scythe  

Publisher: Stonemaier Games

The game that stole our hearts in 2018, is My Little Scythe! Designed by a dad and daughter, this game has an adorable theme where you collect apples, build friendships and have pie fights! My Little Scythe is a treasure that will always have a place on our shelf.

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Smartphone Inc.

Publisher: Cosmodrome Games

One of my favourite games of all time is Food Chain Magnate and have been on the hunt for an innovative midweight economic game that can get to the table more often. Enter Smartphone Inc. It's quick to play with any player count, the action selection with the pads is cool and smart and the production is top notch.

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Welcome To...

Publisher: Deep Water Games

While there’s been plenty of games out this year that truly have knocked it outta the park. My pick for the best game is definitely going to Welcome to...! I’ve played it with a nice range of people and they’ve all loved it. Plus, the solo games are just as satisfying as multiplayer. WIN!

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Publisher: Starling Games

The game which totally charmed me with beautiful illustrations and components. At the beginning it seemed to be a short one but it was a misleading first impression. With The following seasons it was getting more and more involving and finally bought me entirely. My game of 2018 is Everdell. P.S. I can't wait for the expansion!

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Blue Lagoon

Publisher: Blue Orange Games

Blue Lagoon is everything a game from the doctor should be - quick, straightforward, but full of agonizing decisions. A tile laying game where you constantly try to cut off your opponents make this game a huge standout in 2018. Simplicity without any sacrifice in deep gameplay. We are so excited every time we get this to the table.

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Underwater Cities

Publisher: Delicious Games

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Just One

Publisher: Repos Production

The best party game released this year. Period.  In Just One, everyone works together to try and help the "guesser" correctly guess a secret word. Everyone does this by writing down a one-word clue. However before everyone reveals their one-word clue to the guesser, they must first reveal to each other what they wrote. If there are any duplicate clues, then they are removed from the pool leaving less information for the guesser to go off of.  Although it seems simple and perhaps even boring on the surface, this game has been a smash hit with every group I've introduced it to, converting even the staunchest of board game opposers. I love this game so much I could marry it.

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The Quacks of Quedlinburg

Publisher: North Star Games

Wolfgang Warsch has been on an absolute madman binge for accessible, entertaining, and satisfying games. The Quacks of Quedlinburg is no exception to that. A push your luck game with a great amount of meat enough for a family BBQ, Quacks is a game that is fun no matter if you're winning or losing! And this is coming from someone whose pot explodes ALL the time.

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